Performance & Functional Testing

Performance and functional test crucial and critical paths end to end with varying conditions by placing 10s of thousands of concurrent calls stop campaigns when issues are detected and rerun once fixed. run test with one or more end clients. build and rerun test case revisions for upgrades or migrations. Ideal for cloud contact centres, telos and clients with critical service lines.

Load test

Simulate thousands of calls, recreating peak volumes


Benchmark Carrier Performance

Comprehensive Reporting output

Voice Quality

Measure, score, and continuously monitor voice quality during high volumes

What is Performance Testing?

Direct calls to any phone service, segment them based on probability % of how your service truly operates, load them up, throttle them with varying options and just watch how your service reacts down to the lowest level of detail. Monitor the audio voice quality. Test Account transactions and verify account balance. Record and playback to truly listen in on the customer experience. Simulate sustained traffic loads, sharp peaks, and controlled volumes with tests that are easy to configure, easy to run, and easy to repeat. Use Cyclone to perform end-to-end load testing.


  • Reduce the project costs associated with testing 

  • Accelerate User Acceptance Testing

  • Benchmarking of IVR and other contact center touch points​

  • Pro-active fault resolution reducing support costs

  • Carry out functional testing of the complete Contact Centre IVR

  • Assists with recreation of issues

  • Prevents regulatory complaints and penalties

  •  Reduce support incidents

  • Automated and Repeatable

  • Discover CX issues proactively before system goes into production

  • Helps avoid costly outages

  • Ability to re-run original tests

  • No risk to implementation 

  • Outside in Approach