Discovery & Design

Maps out the IVR call paths and customer journey then creates it’s own test cases that are ready to be executed for Load/Stress, Monitoring or Regression Testing with the click of a button and even automates conversion to callflow diagrams for sales and proposal documents.


Automate Creation of Calls Flows

Reduce Testing process by 70%

Automate ivr documentation

Update Call flows automatically

What is discover ivr?

Cyclone’ s Discover IVR is an automated software that explores, maps and documents IVR applications
 and creates Cyclone Test Cases. Discover IVR replaces manually intensive processes with automation and slashes time and cost to create, execute ever changing test  cases and document call flows 

Auto discover test cases and create call flows

DIVR Visualization2.jpg


Discover IVR is a cloud based, vendor agnostic and non intrusive platform. Calls are made from one of our 13 global data centre regions into IVRs to the undertake reverse engineering of the call flows. This level of automation will speed up the ever changing landscape of changing IVRs and allow the CX (Customer Experience) monitoring of the flows in a hands off approach.

The platform will replace inaccurate call flow documentation and eliminate excess manual effort writing test cases. Discover IVR can also be used to monitor critical functions on an ongoing basis. As part of its monitoring module, schedules can be run to continuously check on selected functions and proactively send alerts to notify the client company of any failures in real time.

Users can also lookup issues by drilling down to specific steps in the audio recording and listen to responses from the IVR. Simple menus make it easy for non technical users to edit IVR prompts. Once its decided what areas to focus on, a business can reuse individual test cases for long periods, scheduling discoveries based on the date and time it wants them to be done.

Discover IVR is platform independent, supporting all leading IVR platforms and is available as a hosted solution on as part of the cyclone product suit.