Global In-Country Dialling and Monitoring

Make in country Toll-Free calls. Test international lines and branches as if they were local originating  calls, monitor the voice quality of toll-free lines and call routing. Support for up to 50+ countries.


Toll Free Numbers Monitored

Voice Quality

Originate calls from In-Country

Performance Test

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What In-Country Dialling?

To test a toll-free number, and accurately identify issues with voice quality and audio localisation, requires originating calls from the local telephony network.

Cyclone’ s platform can test and monitor your lines with locally generated calls in over 50+ countries across the globe


Cyclone’s global in-country dialing capability enables you to:

  • Dial and monitor IVRs and toll-free numbers to provide CX Assurance

  • Alert and raise tickets against voice quality issues by monitoring over local call generation.

  • In-country functional testing to ensure all your IVRs and agent routing rules work correctly.

Simple scripting menus make it easy for non technical users to edit call flows and regional numbers to dial. Once its decided what areas to focus on, a business can reuse individual test cases to quicken up the speed of testing & monitoring.

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