The Top 5 Goals of Innovative Customer Experience (CX) Leaders

The customer is king
Customer = Cash = King

Businesses in today’s global economy now more than ever have to deal with heightened customer expectations. In the past, a company only had to ensure that their product was good enough for customers to remain loyal to their brand. But after multiple studies and research, leaders have come to realize that customer satisfaction is a critical factor in customer loyalty and retention.

This has led to CX leaders developing innovative ways to offer customers a memorable experience to foster greater customer loyalty. Some of these companies with an understanding of top-notch customer experience share some traits that include:

A Focus on Efficiency

Efficiency is essential in creating a memorable customer experience, and most innovative CX managers have an eye for it. Wasted effort is detrimental to the effectiveness of the company and the customer experience as well.

An excellent example of how inefficiency leads to customer frustration is when a customer is asked to repeat information during a customer care call. Customers do not mind explaining the problem again to a second agent, but when they have to keep repeating themselves, they will be dissatisfied with the customer experience and bailout. Research has found that 82% of customers will move to another company based on terrible customer experience.

One way to increase efficiency and promote a positive customer experience is to reduce the touch points, for a seamless transaction. Often, managers think of the different business processes like obtaining new customers, follow up calls and billing as isolated instances and prioritise some processes over others. The problem is that customers don’t think this way and any hitches along the way will reflect poorly on the whole transaction. Therefore being efficient in internal processes helps create a desirable customer journey.

Keeping up with Technology

Innovative CX managers are always looking for technological advances that will aid in customer experience. One way of doing this is by moving to agile systems and DevOps, i.e., moving in-house systems to the cloud. This helps to not only reduce operating costs but also boosts the efficiency of your processes and customer service teams.

Programs needed for catering to customer complaints are readily available for smoother complaints handling. You can also add features quickly without having to release a program update that takes a lot of time and can deter customers. As part of being technologically savvy, your social media presence is equally important. However, you should use technology to improve the services that your customers already use since spamming customers with emails, Facebook messages and such can quickly become distasteful.

Put the Focus on the Customer

An innovative CX manager is focused on the customer, and all actions are pointed towards achieving a better customer experience. The manager should lead by example and put the customer at the center of all operations. By doing so, the other employees will follow suit since they realize that the customer is at the core of their business.

Additionally, a good CX manager should be empathetic so that they truly understand the customers perspective. Being empathetic and customer-centric are two sides of the same coin since the manager should view the whole experience from the customer’s perspective.

Empathy also helps the CX manager to read between the lines and understand what the customer is trying to say, not what they fill in a survey. In some circumstances like customer care service calls, empathy should rule supreme to guide agents on helping customers instead of meeting call quotas.

Play to Your Strengths

There is a particular product or service that your company is exceptionally good at. Often, you will find that customers remain loyal to your business because of a single thing you are good at delivering. A good example is people going to Walmart because of the discounts and not necessarily their product selection.

Many product and marketing managers, after noticing a specific product is doing well, start linking it to another product or service or even a number of them. Although this seems like the smart thing to do, you can compromise the customer experience by doing this.

Beware of adding extra products to the core product and if you decide to do so, do it gradually so that you don’t use up resources and achieve little to no return on investment.

Excellent Communicators

Lastly, innovative CX managers need to have superior communication skills. CX managers need to communicate their ideas and vision to the team members and ensure they are on the same page. This is despite having people with different personalities on the team.

Additionally, the CX manager also has to convince the stakeholders and top-level management to provide the resources needed for the CX team to operate. This ensures the team works efficiently and has enough breathing space to cater to customers instead of being given stringent deadlines and a checklist to complete. The CX manager is the middleman between the team and senior executives so strong communication skills are mandatory.